Endoscopy & Videoscopy
Fiber optics permit direct visual examination and
biopsies of your pet’s gastrointestinal and
respiratory systems. This allows for more accurate
diagnosis and treatment of digestive and
respiratory issues with minimal impact on your pet,
including the removal of foreign objects without
cutting large incision through body walls.

Full In-house Laboratory
We routinely perform in-house pre-anesthetic tests,
complete blood counts, urinalyses, fecal
examinations and heartworm tests. We also
perform microscopic analyses of lumps, fluids and
ear discharge.

Laser Treatment and Therapy
Using a CO2 laser for surgical procedures reduces
the pain, bleeding and swelling of your pet. The
laser seals off blood vessels, nerve endings and
lymphatics, which results in less bleeding,
inflammation and pain at the surgical site. Less
inflammation and pain improves your pet’s
recovery time.

We stock a comprehensive supply of antibiotics,
anti-inflammatories, hormonal supplements,
chemotherapy as well as nutritional supplements.
We are able to special order most medications and
pet foods.

Digital Imaging
Digital imaging is the use of x-rays and ultrasound
to help our veterinarians get an inside look at
certain body systems, including musculoskeletal,
cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive and
urinary systems.

Your pet’s health and happiness can be helped
through our certified veterinarians in massage

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