• Dr. Kristi Falk

Anxiety and Firework Remedies

While we are busy making plans for camping, hiking and summertime excursions let us not forget about our canine and feline companions. Between thunderstorms, fireworks, and being left alone during the summer months can be the cause of much anxiety in our pets.

Here are some tips to keep your pet calm this summer and all year-round:

A Tired Pet is a Calm Pet

In any anxious dog, whether the cause is jarring noises or being left alone, my number one advise is exercise. Taking your dog out on a long walk or run and playing with them prior to potential anxious events can tire them out, leaving them more calm.


You can try redirecting your pet’s attention away from loud noises by giving them their favorite toy, teaching your dog new tricks or playing fetch. If they are being left home alone try leaving out puzzle boxes with treats or long lasting chew toys to occupy their time. These tricks can make what was once a bad experience a positive one. Creating white-noise in your house using TVs, radios, or fans can help drown out loud noises and distract pets from loud noises occurring outside.

Quiet and Calm Environment

Create a quiet and calm environment for your pet. Ensure they have a cozy bed and their favorite toy in a bedroom or crate. Keeping windows and doors shut is advised to keep your pet from escaping, as well as, creating a quieter resting area. Even outdoor pets should be brought inside during stormy and firework seasons.

Ensure your Pet Comes Home

July 4th is the busiest time for shelters due to runaway pets. Pets can get panicked when hearing fireworks and their flight response can kick in causing them to escape. It is always recommended to keep a collar with an I.D. tag on your pet to ensure they can be brought home quickly and safely if they do escape. Having your pet microchipped is also a great way to ensure they come home. Remember to your phone number and address up-to-date with your microchip manufacturer.

Drug-free Remedies

Some pets may benefit from pressure wraps which can have a calming effect. Herbal calming treats can be given to cats and dogs; Keeping in mind that calming treats can take up to 4 weeks to take full effect. Feliway, a synthetic pheromone spray, can have a calming effect on some cats.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Medication is not ideal nor recommended for most dogs. Although we do understand that some severely anxious dogs do benefit from mild sedation in-order to keep them safe and calm. Please contact your veterinarian to discuss the safest sedatives for your pet.

It is important to take actions early prior to anxious events occurring. Please think ahead and keep your dog safe and stress free this summer and all year round.


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