• Dr. Kristi Falk

Summertime Parasite Prevention

In addition to protecting your dog when you head out to the dog parks and trails, we would like to bring your attention to the importance of flea and tick and heartworm prevention. Outside of the necessary vaccinations you should also consider monthly prevention against internal and external parasites, especially during summer months.

We have already started seeing mosquitos. If you read our recent article on Heartworms you know why mosquitos can be harmful and even deadly to our pets. To recap briefly, mosquitos can carry a parasite known as heartworms. If your dog is bitten by a mosquito carrying this parasite they can become infected. The parasite starts off as a larva in the blood stream and slowly matures into adult worms that make home in your dog’s heart.

Treatment is timely, costly and can have serious side effects on your dog. It is best to give your dog monthly heartworm prevention year round to prevent this devastating disease.

If you are bringing your dog to dog parks or the mountains do not forget to protect them against internal and external parasites that they can pick-up from other dogs and wildlife. Luckily with most heartworm preventions they now have de-wormers in the chewable tablets, that help rid your dog of hookworms and roundworms. An added bonus for those dogs on monthly heartworm prevention!

External parasites such as, fleas and ticks, are more prevalent around open spaces where the prairie dogs roam and in the mountains. Not only can these parasites be itchy and annoying to your pet but they can also carry with them infectious diseases that your dog has the chance of contracting if bitten. Please have a talk with your veterinarian whether flea and tick prevention is recommended for your dog.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about protecting your pets this summer! Do not hesitate to call to set up an appointment with one of our great veterinarians. Don't forget, we are offering $12 off heartworm medication if you order a 12 month supply!


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